Live the yacht charter experience

Chartered yacht sailing is becoming an increasingly popular vacation choice. If you are just discovering all the pleasures and joys of this sport, we give you some tips on how to avoid various inconveniences and what to pay attention to, so next year you chose to charter to new.

Choose the right season

Most individuals do yacht charter in summer. The Sea can be quite rough in winter, unless you're an experienced sailor looking for the exciting sailing and the loneliness of the winter islands, prevent winter sailing-it's much easier in summer. There are many other ships around in the summer to assist you in case you need them, the ocean is calmer and the temperatures are high. Some have chosen to sail in the spring or fall. The days are quite long, the climate is warm and the temperatures at sea are enjoyable. And the most exciting aspect is that there are no peaks and crowds you encounter in high season. If you have excellent nautical abilities and are looking for a little more adventurous holiday, the correct option is to rent a sailboat in spring or autumn.

Gather a team

One of the most significant things is putting together a good and coherent group. If you're sailing with your family, there's not much thinking about this problem. But if you're traveling with your friends, acquaintances, or colleagues, you should be very cautious. Having a good relationship with someone on earth doesn't necessarily imply you're going to get along as beautifully at sea. Places are restricted, poor weather, seasickness, exhaustion, distinct preferences and many more Exceptional circumstances can trigger disagreement or even fighting. One thing you must totally maintain in mind is that democracy has never been very helpful to the ocean-there have been always a Captain and other crew members must follow his directions, particularly in challenging conditions when fast choices are needed. If you are sailing with your family, bear in mind that they may not be as passionate about sailing as you are, and you need to adapt to them.

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