Discovering the white sand of St Barts

St Barts is among so many destinations, one of the most beautiful for a short stay. It is a corner renowned for its idyllic setting, its wonderful and soothing landscape for a dream vacation. And if you decide to set foot there for the first time, you can follow good recommendations by taking a trip to St Barts. It is a wonderful village located in the north of the natural park which will be the ideal place to accommodate you during these few days that you will remain calm. Located a few meters from the beach, come and make one of the wonderful discoveries of the square which offers you a natural white of sand that awaits you.

A fascinating setting awaits you not far from the coconut trees

The beach is the major asset of this magnificent place where you will spend a good holiday filled with happiness. And that’s what villa st barts rental offers you on a silver platter. It has the most beautiful beach that will be your host to enhance your vacation. Filled with coconut palms with a path of hibiscus and palm trees, be ready to breathe the most beautiful natural scent of your life. And not far from there be ready to fall in love with the villa that welcomes you. Available to ensure a great rental or even a sale, the choice is yours. What is certain is that you will be charmed by this magnificent country once you are there. The villa is exquisite to give you a beautiful feeling of satisfaction in the face of so much elegance. A complete house will be at your disposal to meet all your needs. A large swimming pool to relax and a beautiful terrace which will give you peace and well-being during your stay. You just have to enjoy this trip, alone as a couple or with friends or family.

Seeing Corfu by boat

With Samboat, you can choose between a good selection of sailboats, motor boats, RIBs, catamarans, yachts and canal boats. We provide an enormous range of boats to rent from 50€/day. With the simplest offers, Samboat helps you to seek out the right yacht charter for the perfect vacation.Hire a ship in CorfuOne of the most important Ionian Islands and also one among the greenest, Corfu is situated just south of the Albanian coast and west of the Greek mainland where there (boat hire corfu) [...]

A good reason to hire a boat while in Ibiza

Ibiza is the ideal place to cruise, sail and sail. The sea, the coast and thus Ibiza islands provide the enjoyment of sailing, which you can literally discover all over the world. Therefore, Ibiza has grown marine tourism, and Samboat has been there to get Ibiza otherwise.Rent a qualified boatYou can rent a boat of your choosing at several marinas and sail on parts of the Adriatic, the islands and the coast. Online and luxuriously pick a bus. The most luxurious boats and (boat hire ibiza) [...]

Finding the right boat rental for your holidays

If you are like us, a small blue winter is usually caused by the lack of light, dark, cold and fatigue. Good news, more than a few months before the arrival of the summer we advise you to plan the summer on the right foot. You don't have to go far to imagine vacations, you are going to discover the Mediterranean destinations for an unforgettable holiday. Several options are available to you, as you can take a sailboat or catamaran from the Mediterranean riverbank sheltering several nations (boat rental) [...]

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